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We are India based leading manufacturer and exporter of verious types of abrasives and bast cleaning medias one of them is CORN COB GRIT in all required sizes. It is a soft type abrasive which is used for blast cleaning and vibarotary finishing purpose. It is also a best absorbant. It is also used for feed additives.
Typical Chemical Analysis (%) :

Iron Oxide Fe203 - 57.0

Silicon Dioxide (total) SiO2 - 29.5

Aluminum Oxide AL203 - 5.0

Zinc Zn - 3.5

Calcium Oxide CaO - 2.5

Magnesium Oxide MgO - 1.0

Copper Cu - 1.0

Loss on Ignition LOI < 0.01

Typical Gradation:

Standard 12-30. 20-30, 30-60, 60-80, 60-100 or as per required

COARSE: marine growth, cement buildup, heavy corrosion and concrete exposed aggregate blasting

FINE: Selective coating removal, steelwork, tanks, pipes, brickwork and concrete

EXTRA FINE: Wet blasting, motor bodywork, selective coating removal, timber cleaning


50 Kgs. HDPE bag or as per requirement.