COWHIDE  - PATCHWORK RUG You May Also Be Interested In: bag chairs bean bag chairs cowhide patchwork cowhide patchwork rug patchwork rug
COWHIDE, dyed leather, wash acid dyed leather, printed leather, patchwork carpets, pillows, bean bag chairs, BKF armchairs and other decorative items made of leather. We also produce cowhides (vaquetas) , chamoise and wet-blue.
This carpet is realized by leather dyeing washed to the acid.

Different designs, colors (red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, black. . . ) and combinations can be formed.

We select the leather directly of refrigerators located in zones nearby to our tannery. It is for it, that the Argentine leather estan catalogued as the best of the world. The animals are raised in opened fields, for what the fiber of the animal is closed.