Sell CR2450 Lithium Button Cell Battery

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Lithium Button Cell Battery (CR2032, CR2025)

CR2025 lithium button cell batteries
Nominal Voltage: 3.0V
Nominal Current: 150mAh
Standard Current: 0.2mA
Continuous Current: 3uA
Pulse Current: 15mA
Dimensions: 20*2.5mm
Weight: 2.20
Tray Packing: 20pcs in a piece of tray
8000pcs ( 400 pieces of tray) per carton
Weight: 18KGS
Blister Card Packing
5pcs / Card
72 cards per carton
Weight: 8.0KGS

Wide Applications:
- watches, clocks, hearing aid, calculators, electronics, games, cameras, audio equipment,
- data acquisition systems, electronics communication devices, indsutrial monitors / controls, switch board, transceivers and radios
- medical equipment
- remote keyless entry, security devices
- memory back up etc
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