CRIMPING MACHINE MODEL NO. HY-M131 You May Also Be Interested In: crimping machine gusset oil pump motor window profile window profiles
Heat-Insulating Profile Crimping Machine (Heavy-Duty) HY-M131

Detailed Product Description:
Put the gusset into the 450 aluminum alloy window profile, move the bump folks, and squeeze the two window profile tightly and make a 900 angle firmly. You can adjust the machine to 1-side-four-point crimping according to the characteristic of the gusset. Because of enlarging the size and the crimping force, it is an ideal choice for the corner crimping of thermal-break door and window profiles.

Main Technique Parameters:
1, Oil pump motor power: 3KW
2, Oil pump rated pressure: 16MPa
3, Working pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
4, Max. Working stroke: 80mm
5, Max. Working push: 5000kg
6, Overall dimensions (LxWxH) : 1200x1030x1000mm
7, Weight: 500kg