Sell CSI neonate disposable spo2 sensor

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CSI neonate disposable spo2 sensor

1. Twelve channel digital ECG machine with interpretive.
2. Designed with a high-resolution thermal printer to print out ECG waveform, annotation as well as related parameters for diagnosis reference.
3. Recording paper for ECG-912A is 210mm in width.
4. Digital isolation technology is adopted to minimize time/temperature drift of components so as to promote adaptability of the unit to circumstance.
5. Digital filter to effective inhibition of baseline drift, interference, as well as automatic position of baseline.
6. Self-test upon powering-on.
7. Function of rhythm lead for observing abnormal ECG waveform to relieve doctors from strain.
USB interface RS 232 ensure easy convey of ECG data.
8. Multiple print formats include 6-channel and 12-channel.
9. AC/Rechargeable battery for continuous examination when AC power supply is unavailable.
10. For battery operation, ECG-912A is equipped with a charger and system for battery capacity management and protection itself from excessive discharge.
11. Simultaneous 12 lead acquisition, 12-channel, 6-channel printing format at choice. Data, time and parameters, including paper speed, heart rate, sensitivity, filter status and etc.
12. Visual display of operation menu, ECG waveform and parameters.
13. Safety level for ECG-912A corresponds to Class I, type CF.
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