Sell CT, CT-C Series Hot Air Circle Oven

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1. Most of hot air is circled inside the oven. The hot efficiency is high. The energy source could be saved.
2. It uses enhanced ventilation and equips with adjustable air divider plate inside the oven. Raw material can be dried evenly. The hot source can be steam, hot water, electricity or far infrared
3. The machine has low noise and stable operation. The temperature can be controlled automatically. The installation and maintenance are very convenient.
4. The applied fields are very wide and can be suitable for all kinds of raw materials.

It is suitable for heating and solidification, drying and dehydration of raw materials in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry and so on. The raw materials can be medicine of raw materials, Chinese traditional medicine, tablet of drink, immersed electuary, powder, granule, packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff, dehydration vegetable, dried fruit and melons, banger, plastic resin, electric elements, drying varnish and so on.

Main technical parameters and relevant explanation:
1. The hot source can be steam, electricity, far infrared, or steam+elecricity. Customer can select one of the heat ways in accordance with practical conditions.
2. Temperature of operation:50-140oC for steam. Maximum temperature will be 150oC.
3.50-350oC for electricity or far infrared.

4. There are automatic and computer control systems for customer selection.
5. The normal pressure of steam will be 0.02-0.8MPa(0.2-8kg/cm2) .
6. The equipped power of electic heater will be 15kw calculated with Model 1 and the operational power to be used will be 5-8kw/hr.
7. If have special requirement, please indicate it in order.
8. The price of non-standard oven shall be discussed additionally.
9. If the operation temperature is more than 140oC or less than 60oC , please indicate it in order.
10. The size of drying trolly and tray is standardized. They can be exchanged each other.

11. The size of drying tray:460X640X45(mm) .
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