Sell CU-AL insulation connecting pipe&tubes for air-condition

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Connecting tube for air-conditioner is the connection system for the tubing between indoor machine and outdoor machine, currently many domestic companies use copper tube as the connection tubing, but we have a better solution for this application--Copper-Aluminium connecting tube which each end with copper pipes and the aluminum pipes in the middle, it has following features:
1) Good temperature-preserving, much better then copper tube, saves energy and electricity.
2) Low price and resource-saving.
3) Learned from overseas advanced welding experience, clean, no solder, conform to the requirements of refrigeration tubing (have been running in refrigerator for many years. )
4) Passed the strict examination by CONNECTING TECHNIC CENTER of HARBIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and some top grade air-conditioner manufacturers, have won great acclaim from the customers after mass production.
Its performance of airproof, pressure-assistant, flexibility, anti-corrosion, mechanics, and cleanness can meet the requirements of national standard, having the same feature and life like copper tubing working as the connection part, but decreasing the cost by 20-50%.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
200 PCS