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1) Alternator models:
I) Marathon-MP-176-4, MP-200-4, MP-250-4, MP-280-4, MP-320-4
Ii) Stamfort-UCI274K1, HCI444D1, HCI444E1, HCI444F1
Iii) Kaijielie-TWG4. 1CB, TWG4. 1C, TWG4. 1D, TWG4. 1EB, TWG4. 1E

2) K Series:
A) Output range: 400-450-505-550-660-800-906-1, 000-1, 120kW (500-563-632-
688-825-1, 000-1, 133-1, 250-1, 400kVA)
B) Engine models: KTA19-G3, KTA19-G4, KTAA19-G5, KTAA19-G7, KTA38-G, KTA38-
G2A, KTA38-G5, KTAA38-G9, KTA50
C) Alternator models:
I) Marathon-MX-360/-400-460-500-560-630-850-1000
Ii) Stamford-HCI, LV series
Iii) Kaijielie-TWG series

3) Small volume, light weight, low noise, low fuel consumption, water-cooling with water tank and fan
4) Key start / auto start
5) Monitoring meters and control switches
6) Protection provided for short, over-current, over-speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure
7) Soundproof / weatherproof canopy optional
8) Standard parts: Industrial type silencers, exhaust pipes, flexible exhaust bellows, vibration-damping rubber, lead-acid batteries, connective cables, user manual and technical papers.

1) Rated voltage: 400 / 230V
2) Rated frequency: 50Hz
3) Mode of connection: 3-phase-4-line
4) Rated power factor: 0.8 (lagging)
5) Wave distortion: <10%
6) Power supply voltage: 24V
7) Volt fluctuation: <0.5%
8) Voltage / frequency fluctuation: 1 / 0.5%.

1) Engine:
A) Cummins engines adopted
B) Multi-cylinder in-line or vee engine, 4-stroke, direct injection
C) Naturally aspirated, turbocharged, water cooled or turbocharged with an air
D) B&C series mechanical governors or other electronic governors
E) PT fuel injection pump
F) Electric motor starting system
G) Forged steel crankshaft, cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner

H) Low discharge, and low fuel consumption
I) Install conveniently and maintain easily
2) Alternator:
A) Brushless, self-excited, 4-pole, single bearing
B) AVR self-regulated, voltage regulation rate 1%
C) IP21 protection grade
D) Class H insulation
E) Radio interference restraining accords with the stipulation of VDE0875-N and
F) Moistureproof, sand-proof, dustproof, salt-proof and vibration-proof.