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Enjoy efficiency and economy. YM-560 Curing light combines high power with a long-life halogen lamp which gives 50 hours of service at a reasonable price and even offers an easy-handling, pistol-grip, ergonomic design.

Main Features:

 Ergonomically designed handpiece with 3600
 Audible trigger start and stop
 Quick and simple bulb replacement
 Improved optical system provides high power from a halogen source
 light guide of advanced fabric can transfer both light and even image

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 High efficiency fan for continuous cool operation
 The timer on the handgun allows timing cycles to be set in 20 second increments up to 60 seconds.

Other Charactistics:

 Supply voltage:100-240vac 50/60Hz
 Light intensity: 800 mW/c?
 Spectral wavelength: 380 - 540 nm
 Light guide: X 15.5 mm autoclavable (T. max 1350C )
 Halogen lamp: Yimei type 12V - 50 W (minimum life 50 h) .
 Dimensions: 18cmx15cmx 6cm
 Weight: 3.8 KG
 Warranty : 1 year hassle-free
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