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I am looking to buy the listed currency for discounted currency for any other following:


We need around 10 Billion to 50 Billion USD worth of the above or any unlimited amount. I would like to start with this amount first and see how everthing goes. The discounted currency must move first(Sellers discounted currency) . We will not accept any contract from the sellers side that is not signed before we reciceve it. Our buyer will speak directly with the seller only if needs be. Under no circumstances will the buyer speak to any intermediary, broker, mandate etc. The bank name or transaction number will not be revealed to any intermediary. We do not provid Proof of Funds, as our bank officer can talk with the Sellers bank officer if need be. Our basic procedures are:

1. Conditional MT103 Swift of the Sellers Currency.
2. Unconditional MT103 swift of the Buyers Currency.

Our requirements are:

1. I need to recieve an offer to Seller from the seller.
2. I will then provide LOI
3. Seller Counter signs LOI and returns
4. I will issue the FPA to the parties; we receive with all the paymasters details. I finalize the document, sign it seal it and send it to all parties.
5. Seller sends signed contract (has to be signed by seller or we will not read it) .
6. Sellers banking officer will contact buyers bank officer to discuss financial ability, readiness and window time. This will be the only proof of funds, pre advice we offer to the seller. We do not issue MT799.
7. Seller bank sends conditional MT103 to buyer's bank (discounted currency always moves first) .
8. Buyers bank checks, confirms and replies with an unconditional MT103.
9. Transation is then complete: Paymaters have their money in their account immediately after that.
10. Further tranches will continue until the currency is exhausted.

Please let me know if this helps and if there is anything we can do together and if so, I will need the offer to get started.