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Our primary businesses are as below:

We are closely associated with Buyers and Sellers for all commodities that come under our segment. Incase you have an inquiry feel free to contact us.

Like I told you that we are in the position to lease out LC, SBLC, and BG for companies who need it for Credit Enhancement. We deal with small and mediums Banks. We also deal with world 1st class Banks too. Services Charges/Commissions/Consultation will depend from Bank to Bank. The list of Banks is as follows.
From Small / Medium banks : Wall Street Banking Corp (Cook Islands, New Zealand) , Dubai Bank Kenya (Nairobi, Kenya, issue/swift via Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong) and Bank Winter (Austria) , First National of America Corp (Swift via US Bank)
Face value from US$200,000 to US$3,000,000 per issue/day
Charge rate for such bank from 14% to 18% depend on issuing bank. Special First National of America Corp is 22% for 365+1 days period.
1. Wall Street Bank: By bank-to-bank SWIFT payment instruction MT100 (field 72)
2. Dubai Bank Kenya: Same as above or through law firm in Hong Kong
3. Bank Winter: Through law firm in Hong Kong
4. First National of America Corp: Through law firm in Singapore
From Well-know Banks: Deutsche Bank (Germany) , Arab Bank Plc. (Singapore) , ABN AMRO Bank, N. V. , (Taiwan)
Face value: from US$1,000,000 - US$5,000,000 per issue/day
Charge rate: from 23% to 24% depend on issuing bank.
5. Deutsche Bank and Arab Bank Plc : Through law firm in Singapore
6. ABN AMRO Bank, N. V: Through law firm in Hong Kong
NOTE: Banking Charges are subject to change without prior notice.

This is one very important subject. There are many companies who have already leased LC, SBLC, and BG etc. YES, we can get them Finance/Loans/Credit Line against them provided they fit in our bracket of financing. We have a standard text format which they need to get from theirs Bankers which makes it easier for us to get them finance.

We are in a position to get a project sanctioned to the tune of USD 50 Million and above. Projects should be dynamic and viable which shall catch the eye of the Banker/Investors/Financers/Financial Counselors. Promoters wanting to avail this offer should be enjoying high reputation in the market and shall prove 25% of Bank Balance.
We also take up projects world wide, projects other than India, the promoters need to bear our expenses such as Air ticket/Stay/Food/Local Travel/Communications etc for 2 (Two) persons, till the time we complete the sanctions.
Our charges shall come from the Burrowers.
NOTE: Our charge rate will vary from 1% to 2% on the total loan sanctioned.

We are in a position to get International Grants only to NGOs who want to set up Hospitals & Campus Educations.
Hospitals shall me a minimum of 50 beds to 500 beds and above.
Campus Educations shall be in accordance to the Government Procedures.
Minimum loans avails are Rs 6 Cr to Rs 1200 Cr and above.
Time taken to get loans sanctioned below 500 Cr is 3-6 months max.
Time taken to get loans sanctioned above 1200 Cr is 1 year max.
Our charges shall come from the NGOs.

NOTE: Our charge rate will vary from 1% to 2% on the total loan sanctioned.
I think I have elaborated every thing very simple for you to understand. In case you need any further clarifications please feel free to contact us.

Remember the moment we dont take advances/upfront it proves we are genuine and wiling to do business. We are not here to carry files of credentials to make any one believe. All interested customers will come automatically when you dont take any charges upfront. Only we secure ourselves by way of BG.

The minimum SBLC amount you can apply for is: US$1,000,000.00(One Million United States Dollars)
Terms of Payment
LC, SBLC with BG