Sell CVD Conical Rotary Vacuum Dryer for food, feed, chemical, mineral and medicines

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I. Working Principle
1. Heat source (such as low pressure steam or thermal oil) passes through the closed jacket. Heat will be transmitted to raw material in the tank and the raw material will be dried.
2. The tank is rotating slowly and the raw material is mixed continuously. The purpose of reinforced and uniform drying can be realized.
3. Raw material is under the state of vacuum. The surface moisture of raw material become saturated and will evaporate. The solvent will be let out by vacuum pump. The inner moisture of raw material will permeate, evaporate and be let out continuously.
These processes are carried out unceasingly and purpose of drying can be realized within a short time.
II. Features
1. Temperature can be controlled within the range of 20~1600 and accuracy can be within 120 if the heat source is thermal oil.
2. Heat efficiency is high. Its two times compare to normal drying oven.
3. Abide to GMP standard, Raw material (or product) will not be polluted because of Indirect heating. The machine is convenient for operation and maintenance and easy for cleaning.
III. Applications
This machine is applicable for dry and mix powder and granules in the industries of pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical etc, especially suitable for to dry following materials.
1. Heat sensitive material;
2. Material easy to be oxidized or its dangerous.
3. Toxic gases or solvents need to be recovered.
4. Residue of volatile in the product needs to be very low.
5. There are requirements of the shape of crystal material.
6. Material needs to be mixed during drying process.
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