Sell CW3020/30/60 large power corona treater

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the main characteristics:
1. It adopts power switch organ IGBT, and is reliable
2. It locks the operating frequency automatically.
3. It has the function of soft-start, which can reduce th pollution to the net.
4. It has menory. When the machine restarts, the output power is steady at the value you set last time. You can also set the power valuebefore the restart. (only CW3020 compute controllable type)
5. It has knds of protection such as phase absence, phases error, over voltage and short circuit protection
6. The protection of stop-running and rake-opening prevent th eroller from burning.
7. The digital operating panel can show the values of input voltage, input current, inputpower
8. DC-voltage, avail power, operating frequency. (only CW3020 computer controllable type)
9. The protections of stop-running and rake-opening prevent the roller from burning

Technical specification CW3020
Input voltage and frequency AC380V 110% 50Hz
Output voltage (max) 15kV
Output power (max) 20kw
Operating frequency 15-20kHz
Size of control cabinet(mm) 610*650*1700
Size of tansformer box(mm) 530*350*470
+transformer box) kg 175