Sell CY-98 spherical lollipop wrapper machine

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The wrapper is an innovative machine designed on the principle and system of updated lollypop wrappers, and is an exclusive patent product in China market. The wrapper has a high level of automation and high performance with imported electronic moulds. The machine can run smoothly with reliability. As a new product that filled up the gap for similar products in China. The machine can wrap candies in good sealing. It mainly consists of automatic candy collation and conveying system, optical paper tracking /cutting device, wrapping and sealing mechanism, and electric control system, with reasonable configuration design to facilitate the use, the wrapper is among the most preferable lollipop wrapping machines for confectionery manufacturers.

Reliable paper feeding and exact pattern positioning by two balancing pole;
Enables paper from rolls to wrap smoothly by adopting pneumatic rotary cutting device;
The wrapping operation can carry out when machines is running with helicoids wrapping mechanism;
Reliable pattern positioning by microcomputer.
General specification:
Item Parameter
Wrapping material Maximum size 125W125mm
Wrapped lollypop size Min#22mm, Max#30mm
Capacity(based on#25 lollypop) 120-130pcs/m
Total power 2.2kw
Dimension 2500W920W1520mm
Total weight 1200kg