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super glue, AA instant glue, 108 glue, 201 glue, 401 glue, 460 glue, 502 glue, 505 glue, 680 glue, T-1 , G-1, W-1 , S-1 , B-1 F-1 , R-1, H-1, M-1, L-1 Etc. .
Cyanoacrylate has the characteristic of environmental quality, fragrance odor, no strong smell, good penetrability, heat-resistance, waterproof, high strength, good plasticity and low bloom.
ISO 14001:2004, ISO9001: 2000, SGS certificate of quality and non-heave metal certificate, the EU Standard No: GB05/64865. All the raw materials are fit to the FDA (U. S. A) standard. 21CFR 175.105 for the water based PU adhesive