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We are all around the year providing all sizes of cabinet handles which mainly made of zinc alloy, brass, alluminum, stainless steel.

What is we most like to bring into your notice is that we guarantee every product supplied by us is of excellent quality!!

In addition, we have rich experience of accepting orders for OEM.

Please contact us in time if you wanna have further know about our cabinet handles.

For your information, the following are about our technical Demands for Handle

1. Appearance inspection: under the condition of approximately natural light with illumination between 300 and 600lx (equal to 40w daylight lamp) , no spumescence, fault, nick, chap, color and uneven color and luster is found with a one-time magnifier at the distance of 750mm to 800mm.

2. Coat standard:
Thickness of the coat (painting) : 0.06mm
Thickness of the plating layer (plating) is 0.1mm, and the following steps are included in the process of the plating: 1. copperplating. Different materials plates different copper, such as acid copper, nickel copper, alkali copperand resin copper, up to now the products of our company are acid plated copper made from copper and zinc alloy. This plating layer makes the products easier to be colored.

2, Nickelplating: to protect the previous layer and guard against breaking off, ensures the next layer attached tightly and hardly fades.

3. Color layer: the color required by plating products.

4. Photo-solidified oil (commonly called as lacquer) : makes the surface of plating look lustrous and beautiful, and has the function of protecting plating layers. Any plated chromed products need no nickelplating, because the chromeplated layers have good luster and rigidity and have the above two functions.

3. Impact-resistance test: 1kg hammer falling from the height of 30cm, no crack, furrow and desquamation on the lacquer film.

4. Corrosion-resistance test: Examined by neutral salt spray of Grade VII with 8-hour continuous spraying, no corroded dots appear (Grade X is the best, Grade 0 is the worst) . Neutral salt spray: the mixture of 5% sodium chloride plus 95% water.

5. test of binding strength of metal plating layers: Tested by the method of nicking. Use hard steel knife ground to a sharp angle of 300 to nick two parallels with 2mm interval, which penetrate the plating layer to the metal layer. Observe whether the plating layer between the lines has crusting shelling, or use a steel knife to nick one or several small grids with area of 1 mm2 to see whether the plating layer inside the grids has crusting shelling.

Static load enduring capacity: After unloading the one-minute static load of 40N , no distortion occurs.
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