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ST620 Cable Fault Locator is a portable field instrument working on TDR and bridge methods, adopting advanced micro-electronics technology. It is designed to locate accurate fault points in such cables as telecommunication leadsheathed cable, plastic cable or users lead covered wire, while the faults include break, mix, earthing, defective insulation, or poor connecting. It is and ideal function-stable instrument for the field operator to improve work efficiency, in addition, it can also be used for circuitry project checking electric property testing of the cable.
Key Features

1. Combining both TDR and Bridge testing modes, which can be used for such faults as break, mix and defective insulation of the cable.
2. Automatic measurement to find fault point
3. Manual measurement is also available.
4. Easy to use Menu driven operation
5. Cherishing the functions of Tramegger and Ohmmeter, which can test insulation resistance and loop resistance.
6. 10 test results can be stored permanently even there is a power off, which can substitute printer partially.
7. It adopts automatic gain and impendence technology, instead of complex potentiometer regulation.
8. High resolution backlight LCD display
9. Power supply: Rechargeable Lithiumion battery
10. Small size, simple operation
Technical Specifications

1 . TDR Mode

1) Max. measurement range: 8km, the range can be set according to l ength of the cable.

2) Measurement dead zone: 0m
3) Measurement accuracy: 1m ( Range<2km) , 8m(Range>2km)
4) Pulse width: 80ns-105s, can be set automatically
5) Impedance balance can be set automatically
6) Automatic and manual modes of gain adjustment

7) Intelligent bridge measurement mode
8) Max. resistance of defective insulation: 100M(Ohms)

9) Measurement accuracy: 11% x length of the cable
10) Max. measurement range: 9999m

11) Input by three segments, and the wire radius is 0.3mm-0.99mm

2. Capable of giving five hours of uninterrupted working

1) Recharge time: 3.5 hours
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