Sell Cable accessory- Deadbreak Tee Connector

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Cable accessory - CEE TT-35/600 deadbreak Tee connector is used to terminate high voltage underground cable to deadfront apparatus such as transformers, switches and switchgear. It is fully shielded, submersible, and rated 600 amps,35kV. It meets the requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 386-"Separable Insulated Connector Systems".

The capacitive test point on the insulating plug provides a means of testing the circuit without disturbing the bolted connection. It is also allows the use of Hot Line Voltage Indicators.

The CEE TT-35/600 deadbreak Tee connectors are molded using high quality peroxide-cured EPDM insulation. The test point is available for use with hot line voltage indicators. Tee Connectors are designed for use on solid dielectric cable(XLPE or EPR) with extruded semi-conductive shields and concentric neutral, with or without a jacket.
Model Number
CEE TT-35/600