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Our company which follows the developments in the world very closely can almost manufacture all its products in HFFR (Halogen Free) , TPE instead of PVC when demanded. The HFFR composites have flame retardant features and do not produce gases during a fire. Even though it is an expensive plastic when compared with the PVC it is now widely used in the business centers, sky-scrapers, schools, hospitals etc. Our company took important steps in the subject of coaxial cables and has made the introduction of the physical foam polyethylene coaxial cables into the Turkish markets. The Physical Foam coaxial cables are traditionally preferred against the chemical foam coaxial cables by those companies which give priority to the quality because the physical foam coaxial cables have higher impedance consistencies and lower attenuation values than that of chemical foam cables. We can also produce cables with our own design as per customer requirements. The main groups in our product range are as follow.

Audio Cables
Coaxial Cables
Control Cables
Data Transmission Cables
BUS Cables
Halogen-free Flame Retardent Cables
Video Cables
Computer System Cables
Close Circuit Camera System Cables
Fire Alarm Cables
Instrumentation Cables
Supply Capacity
300 KM Per Month