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Cachaca is a destilled drink. It is destilled from sugar cain juice. In Brazil it is the most popular and cheapest drink available and it looks like a Run. So outside brazil it is known as Brazilian Run.
In the same way as other drinks, the quality have direct relationship with the region where it is produced and the quality of rough material (sugar cain) and the production methods.
The best Brands of cachaca known are produced in the state of Minas Gerais, where our destilleries are located. We do not use chemicals neither in the cain production, nor during the cachaca production. All process is by human hands made. Due to the increase of export requirements, we improved our quality methods. Now we produce the best cachaca available with rigid quality control and it conforms with all international applicable stadards. We produce for export four brands: Agua da Bica, Rainha do Milenio, Sonhadora and Velha Uniao.