Sell Cadmium Oxide

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Product Name: Cadmium Oxide

Physical and chemical property: From red brown to brownish black amorphous powder or superfine crystallization of cubic system under the normal temperature.
Relative density: The amorphous: 6.95 and cubic system: 8.15; Melting point>1500 degree, boiling point: The amorphous: 900~1000 1500 degree, (decomposition) , and the cubic system: 15591500 degree, (sublimation) . Dissolvable in acid, ammonia water and ammonium salt solution, and undissolvable in water and alkali.

Application: To be used for cadmium electroplating solution, electrode for cadmium making, photoelectric tube, radiograph, ceramic glazing color, alloy manufacturing in the metallurgical industry and the materials and catalyst of cadmium reagent.

Quality Standar:
CdO: %>=98
ZnO: %<=1.0
Particle size: Pass 120-mesh

Packing: In 25kg or 50kg polypropylene bags with inner PE. (or according to the requirement of customer)
Size: Can according to the requirement of customer.