Sell Calcium Aluminate for steel-making

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Pre-fused clinker for refined steel-making is produced through selecting material of high quality, melting the material in electro-furnace, cooling, crashing and screening into different sizes. This product can be divided into following types:CaO-Al2O3, CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO and CaO-Al2O3-BaO-CaF2. We can also adjust and produce the product according to customers requirement.

Character & uses
Pre-fused clinker for refined steel-making is gained through melting method and therefore it possesses more merits than other clinkers:
The composition is consistent.
The low melting point, quick melting speed, good liquidity and good lubrication make the desulphurization more efficiency.
Melting clinker process is not needed and so it makes the smelting time much shorter.
The product is clumps or grains so that dust pollution in smelting can be greatly reduced.
It is mainly used for desulphurization and temperature preservation in high quality steel-makeing.

Quality & Type
(CaO:48-52 Al2O3: 38-42 SiO2: 3-5 TiO2: 2.0 Fe2O3:1.5 MgO:1.5)
(CaO:49-54 Al2O3: 36-41 SiO2: 3-5 TiO2: 2.0 Fe2O3:1.5 MgO:1.5)
(CaO: 45-55 Al2O3: 31-38 SiO2: 8 TiO2: 2.0 Fe2O3:1.5 MgO:4-8)
(CaO:45 Al2O3: 22 SiO2: 8 TiO2: 1.5 Fe2O3:1.5 MgO:1.5 CaF2: 10, BaO:10)

Grain Size
The common size is 1-30mm. Other sizes can be supplied according to users requirements.
Testing method
Chemical Composition: According with GB/T205.
Fineness: According with GB/T1345 with.
1000kg in coated plastic woven bag or at users option.