Sell Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

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Properties and applications:
It is white or grey granular which dissolves in water absolutely . It is a new type high-efficient compound fertilizer . It contains nitrogen and calcium , and also supplies nitrogen to plant quickly . the nutrient is more than ammonium nitrate , and can be absorbed by the plant directly . This product is a neutral fertilizer and can improve the quality of soil . It can change the PH value of the soil , loosen the soil , reduce the density of active aluminium . Meanwhile , it offers water soluble calcium and improve the resistance to the disease of plant . It can lengthen the florescence , promote the root, stem, leaf to grow normally . Ensuring the color of the fruit is bright and the fruit candy can be increased.

Inspection Item Unit Standard 1 Standard 2
Appearance White or Grey granules White
Nitrogen >=% 27 15.5
Nitrate Nitrogen >=% 13.5 14.4
Ammonium Nitrogen >=% 13.5 1.1
Water content <=% 0.6
Calcium and magnesium >=% 20
carbonate content
Calcium >=% 19
Water Insoluble <=% 0.1
Iron <=% 0.005
Chlorides <=% 0.02
PO34 <=% 0.05
PH value 6.5-7.5 5-7

Packing:In 25/50kg net PP/PE bag or the demanding of customer
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
one 20FCL
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight