Sell Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

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The specification is Nitrogen15.5%min, Nitrate Nitrogen14. .4%min, Calcium 19%min, Ammonium Nitrogen1.1%min, Water insoluble0.1%max, Iron0.005%max, Chlorides 0.02%max, PO4''0.05%max, PH value5-7
It is white grunular, dissolves in water absolutely, it is a kind of new-type high-efficient compound fertilizer, and can make-up Nitrogen quickly. Having increased the calcium and magnesium among them, the nnutrient is more than ammonium nitrate, the plant can be absorbed directly; This products belongs to the neutral fertilizer, and can improve the soil. It can change the PH value of the soil, make the soil loose, reduce active density if aluminium at the same time, and offer water soluble calcium, improve the resistance to the disease of plant, It can lengthen florescence, impel the root, stem, leaf to grow normally, guarantee the color of the fruit bright, increase the fruit candy.
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