Sell Calcium Chloride Anhydrous

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Trade name: Calcium Chloride Anhydrous
Formula: CaCl2
CAS No. : 10043-52-4
HS Code: 2827.20

Mol Weight: 241.948
Appearance: white beads or powder
Odour: Odourless
Melting Point: 782 degree C
Boiling Point:
Solubility in Water:
Density: 2.15

Food Grade
Purity: 95% min
Appearance: Granule 1-6mm
Mg & Alkalis: 3.0% max
Water Insoluble: 0.2% max
Cr: 0.002% max
As: 0.0003% max
Pb: 0.001% max
Cu: 0.002% max
Zn: 0.002% max
Fe: 0.01% max
Al: 0.01% max
Fluorid: 0.004% max

Base Stabilization/Full Depth Reclamation, Brining / Food Processing, Concrete Acceleration, Drilling Fluid Additive, Dust Control, Hydrocarbon Dehydration, Ice Melting / Sidewalk, Ice Melting / Road & Highway.

PACKING: 25kgs/PP woven bags or 1000kgs/PP jumbo bag

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