Sell Calcium Chloride

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AGG makes this product meeting International standards. Industries rely on AGG material for Chilling purpose as well as Solvent recovery plants.

Following grades can cover the entire range of applications of this product.

1. SEMI FUSED LUMPS: It is available in White lumps of about 2" size with 74% min
2. FUSED POWDER: It is a Fine free flowing powder of 80% min purity. It is white in colour. It has easy to dissolve property.

3. ANHYDROUS POWDER: 99.99% Purity, Food Grade, Mercury Free. No doubt in quality is what this product spell for us.

4. ANHYDROUS LUMPS: 90% min strength ISI standard, ideal desiccant. Most reliable water separator from solvents is what user believesin for our product.

5. ANHYDROUS PLATES : Upgraded form of anhydrous lumps having >95% in purity ISI Standard, the best cost-effective desiccant in the form of big plates, size varying from 2 3 flat, ideal for Pharmaceutical Applications.

6. LIQUID BRINE:Chilling plants in very large capacities can opt for this grade. This when added along with fused lumps results in a better performance and yield.