Sell Calcium Chloride

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Calcium Chloride

CAS No. : 10043-52-4
Molecular Formula: CaCl2
Molecular Weight: 110.99

Product Feature
White granular matter, odorless and bitter. Easy to deliquescence and dissolve in water and release heat. Soluble in alcohol, acetone and acetic acid, etc.

Product Specification/Models
90.0% Food Grade

95.0% Industrial Grade

Food additive Calcium Chloride can be used as stabilizer, coagulant, nutrition enhancer and processing aid of bean products, diluted butter, soft beverage, juice, jam, water and food industry.

Industrial Grade Calcium Chloride is a goof dehydrant of organic solvents and gases. Anhydrous Calcium Chloride also is a key refrigerant of ice and refrigerator. Moreover, it is a good waterproof agent, key material of molecule sieve and demulsifier of sewage treatment.

25KG Net bag lined with PP film