Sell Calcium chloride 97%min. Powder/granule

Calcium chloride 97%min. Powder/granule You May Also Be Interested In: cacl2 petroleum oil
Cacl2 % >=97 98.12
Na % <=2.5 2.3
K % <=0.15 0.147
Water insoluble % <=0.1 0.09
Mg % <=0.10 0.08
SO4 % <=0.10 0.09
Fe <=20ppm 18ppm
Ca(OH)2 <=0.20% 0.16
PH 8-10 10

1. They are widely used in highway, expressway, parking lot and port to melting snow and ice.
2. used as dryer , as anti-fog, and anti-dust agent also fireproof agent.
3. Oil drilling agent for petroleum/oil field
4. Pigment assistance agent of textile. It is a kind of raw material
5. It acts as flocctulation in water treatment
6. Also be usde in waste papper prcessing as removing printing ink agent ,
7. Uesd in swimming pool to disinfectionand so on.
8. As anti-freezing agent of Concrete, and speedup harden Concrete
9. As dehydration agent
10. Food additive: as cryogen are used in ice cream, as stable agent/coagulant used in bean products, drink and beer