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Calcium chloride is the company's main product, with an annual production output of 60,000 tons.
It produces 30,000 tons of bihydrous calcium chloride,30,000 tons of anhydrous calcium chloride(20 , 000 tons of industrial grade,10,000 tons of food grade) , the varieties include ball shaped, flake shaped, block shaped, and powered product) .

(1) . Used to make desiccant in various industries
(2) Refined calcium chloride can be used in food industry, electronic industry, and leather industry to produce acryl resin; used in the organic chemic\al production processing, petroleum distlling, and also used as a mixer in ether alcohol.
(3) Used as a snow thawing agent for snow thawing work on roads, parking lots, and airports etc.
(4) Used to prevent dust, grime and mine dust.
(5) Used in oil well drilling, used as well drilling fluid, completion fluid, well cementation fluid, and workouer fluid, and it is also used as dehydrant in petroleum chemical industry.
(6) Used to make emulsion coagulant in rubber industry.
(7) Used to make chlorating agent and additives in ferrous metallurgy industry.
(8) Used to make additives in paper making industry.
(9) Used to make early strengthen agent(cibcrete strebgtgebubg agebt abd ciatubg nateruak ciagykatubg agebt etc) in construction industry.
(10) Used as a raw chemical material, sulfate radical removal agent, and sodium alginate coagulating agent in chemical industry.
(11) Used as a cooling agent in refrigerating industry, used as a media between air and fluid in refrigerating technique for air conditioning system
(12) Used to prevent prtrefaction for wheat, apple, and cabbage etc; used as a foodstuff antiseptic
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Calcium chloride
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2,000 Units Per Month
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20 x 10 x 5 inches
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Calcium chloride
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Patent # 10290876
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labor and materials 90 days
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