Sell California Prune

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Real California Prune Packed in California With No Preservatives!

Perfect snack for the health-minded individual.
High in vitamins, minerals and fibers with the added bonus of convenience and year round availability.
Perfect as a snack right out of the bag. Can be used as an ingredient in the kitchen as well. Use as a topping on hot or cold cereals. Add to muffins, breads, cakes or as an addition to many fine dishes. Prunes add rich, fruit-sweet flavor and a boost of good nutrition to anything you cook.

200 g,300 g,375 g,500 g,750 g,8 oz,16 oz

Custom sizes available.
We can provide product in our package or we can pack into your label.
Traditional bags available with and without zip-lock.

No Preservatives
Most bagged prunes on the market contain potassium sorbate as a preservative. We can provide a "Hot Pack" product that contains no sorbate. Great appeal to the health conscious consumer.

Product Storage:
Shelf Life of 18 months when stored in a cool dry environment
Brand Name
California Prune
Minimum Order Quantity
1X20 FCL