Sell Call Server Forwarding FXS to FXO port Converter -TS155

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Call Server Forwarding FXS to FXO port Converter -TS155
Applications:On business trip or nobody on duty during weekend and holiday, but not want to miss business calls. Convert the FSX port of VoIP gateway into FXOTo save call cost. If the call charge is very low or a fixed amount per month for office or home telephone, and the call between user!/s mobile phone and office or home telephone is free. Users can save call cost by using mobile phone to call the office or home telephone and then call to the destination number. Suitable for the companies which the registration and office addresses are in different cities. It could forward the incoming calls from the registration city to the office.
Features:Easy configuration and convenient useClear voice quality and stable performanceWork with 2 telephone lines simultaneously. No call charge between the connection of a line and B line. Support call forwarding to the configured telephone number or any telephone numbers. Password available for call forwarding to any telephone numbers, avoid others to make call with the device. System password prevents unauthorized changing of the configuration.