Sell Callshop Billing Card for payphone Calculator-TBM518

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Callshop Billing Card for payphone Calculator-TBM518
Features:PCI billing card, work with desktop computer
Low cost billing solution for call shops, can make bills for 8 calls simultaneouly
Low requirement for the computer, even P3 computer can work, Windows 2000 or Windows XP system
Multiple tariff rates could be set, such as rate for international calls, domestic calls, local calls, IP calls and incoming calls.
Unlimited call records backup and trace
Support multi-class rights of user accounts
Support different billing modes, like deposit, postpaid and discount
Signal for billing startup: polar-reverse, force charging manually.
Identify call number automatically and the tolerance is less than 1 second.
Support statistics of call numbers, durations, charges for different purposes, such as per day, per week, per month, for operators and so on.
Anti-lightning design makes steady performance
Function of printing phone bill for option
Technical Index:Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa - 106KPa
Relative humidity: 10% - 90%
Noise: <60dB
Temperature: -100C - 600C
Timing accuracy: <1 sec
DTMF receiving standard: !]-23dBm
Incoming receiving accuracy: >99.99%
Insertion loss: !\0.5dB
Dialing method: DTMF
Access: PSTN