Sell Cam lock fittings, castings

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Ozay Casting Co. , is a manufacturer of quick disconnect cam and groove couplings and accessories suitable for use in many industries for quick tight leak-proof connections to pipe, hose, tubes, tanks; used for liquids, vapors, gases and dry products. We offer a complete line in several styles and materials including aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, available in all common sizes. Standard cam and groove couplings, auto-locking cam and groove couplings, self-locking cam and groove couplings, dry-disconnect cam and groove couplings, flanged cam and groove couplings and reducing cam and groove couplings are all in our production range. We also manufacture to customers specifications.
Having been providing quality products and services to industry for over 45 years, we are also engaged in manufacturing custom cast products for the industry. Using gravity die casting and high pressure die casting processes, we offer castings in aluminium alloys, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel and bronze, with complete in-house machining. Utilizing CAD/CAM, We also design and manufacture required tooling.
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