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Natolia Company is one of the largest independent food supplier in the industry located in Istanbul. Our branches located in the heart of the agricultural lands of Turkey which we are in intent of The World's candy at following types;

-Jambo Furity gum with apple, strawberry
-Jambo jelly gum with fruit juice
-Bubble gum with nail and henna tattoo
-Lollipop with apple, orange, lemon, strawberry, cream flavoured
-mini bonbon mixed fruit flavoured candy
-deposited hard candies strawberry and cream, orange cream, chocolate cream
strawberry cream, mix assorted cream, mint cream.
-butter scotch candy, coffee candy, fruit candy
-bubble gum with tattoo lollipop
-lip shaped noisy maker lollipop
-whistle lollipop with sour candy powder
-bubble gum with tattoo
-big fat surprise playable colorful plastic ball lollipop
-unassbled toys with bubble gums in ball
-long bubble gum with green apple, sourcherry, grape, watermelon
-fruits gum
-roll bubble gum with removeable comics sticker
-popping candy strawberry, watermelon, cherry, grape
-bubble gum strawberry, sour apple, splash cherry
-lollipops fruit flavoured
-whistle lollipops
-tongue painting lollipops
-soft candy
-compounded chocolates

Our Mission ;

Our purpose is to achieve the highest possible quality standards of any processor within the Turkey food Industry.

Status 1 is not an acceptable term for our Company. We will always strive to do each step in the growing, processing and shipping cycle in a manner which will achieve the best quality possible by the most efficient means.

Company History;
Natolia was founded in 1997. Over the these years, they have built its reputation as the largest supplier of high specification foods.

Innovation has been a key element to their success.

Today, through the successful focus of advanced innovative system, Natolia Company exporting the highest quality candy,
The World's Cleanest Products;

In addition, all products undergo tens of cycle cleaning process and are only released for shipment after our Quality Assurance Team performs a complete and thorough documented inspection. As an added guarantee, Natolia Company has the responsibility of guarantee, Quality Assurance team to further verify our standard.

Our Commitment to Customer Service & Quality Products;
Natolia Company products must meet the highest quality standards. This high level of quality is maintained by:
Food Safety Programs
Strict Company Quality Control Guidelines

You Have Our Guarantee For:
Providing Consistently Safe, Nutritious High Quality foods
Providing Responsive Customer Service
Providing On-Time Shipments

We will be happy to serve to your kindly company,

Kindly Regards
M. Uzel
Terms of Payment
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