Sell Canned Baby Corn, Canned Sweet Corn

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We can supply best quality baby corns at competitive prices. Baby corn is a cereal grain taken from specialized corn (maize) plants harvested early, while the ears are very small and immature. Baby corn ears are hand-picked as soon as corn silks emerge from the ear tips or a few days after. Baby corn ears are generally about 4.5 cm to 10 cm in length and 7 mm to 17 mm in diameter. There are many varieties of specialized corn plants that can be used to produce baby corn.

We provide canned baby corns in various packing specifications:
Packaging: 400g x 24 Tins, 425g x 24 Tins, 825g x 24 Tins, 2840g x 6 Tins.

Contact us for canned baby corn at highly competitive prices. We make every effort to ensure that the products reach you at their organic best.