Sell Canned Fruit Cocktail-Diced Fruit in Syrup

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Fruit cocktail is made from diced fruit and syrup. The use of the word "cocktail" in the name does not mean that the dish contains alcohol, but refers to the secondary definition, A mixture of fresh or preserved fruits cut into pieces and served as an appetizer or dessert. Also called fruit cup.
The fruits can be of the following kinds and proportions:
Peaches , Pears; Pineapple , Cherries; Grapes , Papaya; Guava , Banana; Tropical Fruits
We provide fruit cocktail in different specifications:
24t x 15oz, DW 230g, NW 425g
24t x 20oz, DW 340g, NW 565g
Easy open tin, 24t per carton

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