Sell Canned Pineapples

Canned Pineapples
We provide best quality canned pineapple whole slices in syrup and canned pineapple pieces /broken slices and tit bits. Pineapple is safely canned in sweet syrup, water or fruit juice. Fruit canned in syrup holds its shape, color and flavor, even after canning. Fruits canned in water or juice help reduce the sugar content of the canned fruit.

We provide canned pineapples in various specifications:
Sizes: 425g, 450g, 567g, 850g, 825g, 2840g.
Packaging (Slices/Tidbits) : 425g x 24 Tins, 450g x 24 Tins, 567g x 24 Tins, 850g x 24 Tins, 825g x 24 Tins, 2840g x 6 Tins.

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