Sell Canned fruit and Vegetables

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Foodstuff items for exporting:

1) Canned vegetables and fruits:
canned mushroom fresh/brine pack (year-round)
canned straw mushroom
canned bamboo shoots
canned water chestnuts
canned baby corn
canned sweet corn kernel
canned mandarin orange in syrup
canned pineapple in syrup
canned lychee in syrup
canned longan in syrup
canned peach in syrup (yellow/white)
canned pear in syrup (snow/bartlett)
canned cherry in syrup
canned strawberry in syrup
canned fruits cocktail in syrup

2) Canned fish:
canned tuna in oil/in tomato sauce
canned mackerel in tomato sauce
canned sardine in tomato sauce
canned saury pike in tomato sauce

3) Fresh fruits:
Fuji apple and ya pear.

4) Others:
braised groundnut/peanut, instant noodle