Sell Cap Heat Press & Heat Transfer Machine

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Specification: 90*140mm
Model No. : MDM03
Weight(KG) : 14kg
Paching volume(mm) : 400*400*500
Feature:1, Electronic digital tempearture indicator, automatic stable temperature.
2, heat-resisitant silicagel mad make the pressure more evenly, without transformed in 2600 temperature
3, time controlled automatically
4, the entire picture can be transfered to the cap.
We also have many other types of cap heat transfer machines: MDMS05, MDM01, MDM02 and so on.
This machine can print any colourful label, human photo and scenery photo onto the cap. It is widely used in advertise, gift, publicity, etc.
Meanwhile, as for speciality, It has appreciating
value and practical use in whole.
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