Sell Cap-fastening Machine

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Main Application
It is suitable for sealing of antibiotic vials.
Principle of Functioning
The cap-fastening section of this machine adopts the three-knives flexible rolling and pressing structure. The bottles, which come from the filling coppering machine, enter the bottle-handling disc, and automatically carry out the procedures of bottle handling, cap picking, cap-fastening, bottle-out.
Performance and Characteristic
Adopts imported changing process controller, operation simple; cap-fastening beautiful.
Low disrepair rate; frequency conversion regulation, makes infinite speed variation possible; the quantified rate of cap fastening is high.
Main Technical Parameter
Production Ability: 100-300bottles/min
Cap-fastening Number: 8
Suitable Size: 2-25 ml antibiotic
Qualified Rate: >= 99%
Net Weight: 800kg
Overall Size: 1960╳1100╳1600