Sell Capsaicin

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Origin: High-quality chilli.
Appearance: Dark brown oil cream.
Processing: A kind of natural pigment prepared by the extraction of chilli.
Description: It is a kind of dark-red viscous liquid with pure and very hot taste . It is light-resistant, hot-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and will not be affected by metal ion . . , it will be soluble in oil and ethanol.
It is qualified for the international standard of FAO/WHO
Component: its efficient component are capsaicin , protein , amino acid and sugar . it also contains a little of paprika red color .
Usage: It is widely used as seasoning for all kinds of hot food or raw materials at food plants , or used directly for cooking in restaurant , dinning- room or family.
Packing: 20kg/drum(food grade) , or 180kg/drum(iron with coating inside ) , or depending on customers.
Preservation: Sealed, shadow, cool