Sell Capsicum Oleoresin

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Capsicum oleoresin is a kind of natural spicy sauce separated and refined from capsicin extracted from chili. Its effectual components are capsaicin, protein, amino acid and glucide, a few capsanthin as well.

Application:Mainly used as sauces and raw materials in food Industry or daily used sauces in family and restaurants.

Characteristic: Viscous dark brown liquid with characteristic odor, very spicy, about as 120 times spicy as paprika powder.

Quality Index:

1. Capsaicin content: > 1.0% min.
2. Protein and Amino acid: about 40%
3. Color value E1%1cm, 460nm : 0-10
4. Arsenic :<2.0 mg/kg
5. Lead:<3.0 mg/kg
Package:Packed in food grade polythene drums, 20kg/drum or according to the customers requirements.

Storage:Protect from light and heat. Store in cool, dry, airproof and non-pollution conditions.