Sell Car/Mobile Recorder/camera(DVR-09)

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Model No: DVR-09

Car/Mobile Recorder/camera, Day /Night

with Power Saving Functions and IR LED


it has great infrared functions ( suitable day/night working ) , recording voice and video simultaneously. Record the outside landscape of the vehicle the conditions when driving and the relevant incidents. It also can record the inside screen and situations.

It supplies the insurance company with the evidence of claims. It's used in the traffic enforcement and mobile police affairs of corresponding agencies. It also serves in the movie and television and the word of the guarders.


1. The machine have High-Definition video effects, video recording clearly.
2. The word model records in hours and in turn. The time of recording depends on
the internal memory, the greatest memory support is 2GB.
3. The machine have the infrared function and can record clearly in the night. When you want to record in the night or ray is not bright, please press the infrared Light Switch, then the Infrared Work Indicator will light on " Green", and the machine will record the video in white and black.
4. This machine have build-in Lithium-Battery inside, you can connect the charger with USB cable, other end of charger to power socket.
5. The machine have not prepared the internal memory, so before your record, please insert the SD/MMC card.


1. Size : 100*48* 16mm ;

2. Weight : 78.15g ;

3. Storage Media : SD/ MC card;

4. Power : lithium batteries;

5. Video Format : AVI;

6. Photography distance :

7. shooting distance;

8. file size : 5 -8M / minute.


1. Equipment : Portable Hand sign fixed; Flexibility, simple operation.
2. Play: Put SD/MMC card to Reader device, by connecting the computer.
3. Evidence: Recording voice and video simultaneously. Extensive live video can be recorded and smart save disk space.
4. Backup : SD card can be data backup to the computer hard disk, or CD-RW discs for data backup.