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Adopted 253.7nm ultraviolet wavelength and the second geneartion photocatalysis recently developed by Japan and , this air freshener can fully destroy all kinds of molds, remove smog and odor, and decompose benzene, formaldehyde and other dangerous gases.

Function & Feature:
1. Release 5 million anions per second, create a pleasant environment with pure and fresh air just like a forest;
2. Efficient filter can percolate 99.9% of micronic dust and smog in the air;
3. The Ultraviolet lamp can kill 99.97% of dangerous germs;
4. The natural pure essential oils in the air freshener offer enduring fragrance;
5. Improving the air quality inside the car;
6. It has special function of antivirus which does good to lungs;
7. Refreshing up and ridding fatigue; 8. Facilitating metabolism and enhancing the resistibility;
9. Energy saving and environment protection

Other info:
Voltage:12V Current:0.5 A
Carton dimensions: 46 x 46 x 30cm
Brand Name
Available Colors
all kinds of
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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
1-2 weeks
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