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1. Download file: connect this line with computer through attached cable line, then download MP3, WMA, ASF file to the catalogue of root of this line.
2. Plug the unit into cigarette lighter of your car directly, the red indicator lamp
keeps lighting. several seconds later, this line will play automatically. Now indicator lamp become "glinting".
3. Press the button!.CH!/to select FM channel according to the FM indicator lamp
4. Tune the frequency of your car's stereo to the same as the unit, then enjoy your music.
5. Press "Prev"to last track, Pressing over three seconds to decrease volume.
Press "Next"to next track, pressing over three seconds to increase volume is "Play/Pause", Pressing over three seconds to turn off.
(To remember the track, Press or holds more time to turn off is required before taking the line out.
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