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Car Bike Rack
Product ID: ST01-1


* Function: Multi-functional type (adjustable, available in 45, 90, 180 degree angle) .
* Function 1: Available in station wagon without spare tire (available in 45 degree angle) .
* Function 2: Available in vehicles (available in 90 degree angle) .
* Function 3: Available in vans or prop the bike against the wall (available in 180 degree angle) .
* Carrying Capacity: 2 or 4 bikes
* Without indicating lamp.
* Bear: 40kgs
* QTY: 1pcs
* NW: 14kgs
* GW: 15kgs
* CUFT: 2.4'
* Patent Number: US 6,736,301 B1

Main Product:
Car Bike Rack, Roof Luggage Rack, Ratchet Buckle, Cam Buckle, Anti-Lock Brake System, Bicycle Carrier, Hand Power Fuller, Cycle Shuttle, Disc Brake, Installation Tie Downs, Strap Tighteners, Related P