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Car DVD You May Also Be Interested In: home cinema
Functions and Parameters:
1, Built-in TV and FM receiving system
2, Compatible with DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD, MP3, CD-R/RW and MPEG disks.
3, Vibration-proof and auto-sucking core, more stable play effect, auto electronic digital vibration proof.
4, The view angle might be adjusted upward/downward/leftward/rightward.
5, Multifunctional IR remote controlling, menu interface setup.
6, Multiple play function such as repeat, time selection and resume.
7, Multiple-level slow, fast forward and fast backward.
8, DVD supports multiple languages and display subtitles.
9, Stereo sound output, 30Wx4 4-line power output.
10, Video/audio input function, the camera might be used for the rearview in backing car, it might be also used for family to connect with large-size TV set and sound box to get the home cinema effect.