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Car Export
We are a Dutch company, based in the east of The Netherlands.

Since 1998 we are committed to getting the worldwide customer the best deal possible on their new cars.

We exclusively sell or buy to traders!

How and where to buy new cars seems very confusing today. There is so much choise and so much uncertainty about prices. Our services enables our customers to purchase cars at the lowest cost. We are able to realize additional benefit in a totally legal way.

Throughout the years we have built our reputation on trust and satisfaction.

We can supply new Left- and Right Hand Driven cars!

All cars will be delivered with a servicebook, handbook and a required Certificate of Conformity.

Also we can deliver used - private and commercial - automobiles in good condition. Mostly not older then 3 years.

ICS takes care of all your export formalities and paperwork. You do not have to worry about anything.

We make it simple and guide you every step of the way.

ICS is saving you huge amounts of time, effort and money.

ICS takes care of everything!

Large requests are not a problem for ICS either. We look forward hearing from you!

Team ICS