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Contactless Electronic Auto Horn
We are a Chinese manufacturer of auto horn . Now we successfully invent a new type electronic horn without any mechanical contact. This advantage prolongs its working life four times longer than traditional one.
At present we strongly recommend our Karon series JDL-85-12V/24V contactless electric horn that is consisted of the hi/low noise frequency double-tone horn in snail-type with the electromagnetic vibrating sounding mechanism that integrated by electronic wiring, iron core, field coil, alloy steel film, and horn shell etc. it replaced the traditional contact of the electric horn by electronic components, which provides the electric current in constant and wide frequency to the field coil produce the electromagnetic vibrating to produce sound. Therefore, the contactless horn got its name.
This contactless electric horn is the new type. Economical and advanced electronic products in the present market. It has the major excellent performance including high and stable volume with pure and smooth sound. No spark or electric wave interfering. Moistureproof and long service life of electric coil is free of maintenance. It thoroughly abolished fatal shortcomings of easy burning and corrosion and failure of spring of the contact of traditional horn.
The products have passed the quality inspection from National Saloon Car Quality Supervision &Inspection Centre, as well as from Changsha Automobile Electric Apparatus Inspection Centre, all indexes meet or are higher than normal Standard of Automobile Use Electric Horn after 300000 times of durable test with normal and stable operating. It becomes the best choice for replace the traditional one as well.
This new contactless electric hone is suitable for saloon cars, passenger cars, and trucks or motorcycles as the warning means for security running.

Major Technical Index:
Rated DC V. 12V/24V allowable voltage change scope: 10-16v,10-30v
Max Current 12V/<=8A, 24V<=6A (pair)
Sound lever 105-118db
Start performance 0.1S/105~118db
Continuous sound >=60S/105~118db
Durable lifetime >=0.1million times/one circle of 1sec. open&4 sec. stop
Working environment temperature -300-- +700
Basic frequency High noise 510Hz120, low noise 410Hz120
Tone matched Double tone tierce, ratio of basic frequency: 4:5
Dia of film 85mm

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10000 pairs/month
Available Colors
black or red
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days
Minimum Order Quantity
500 pairs
Power Requirements
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Shang Hai
Warranty Coverage
6 month