Sell Car-Mounted Health Care Massager

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Product Description:
Inosculated with new technology and the human traditional essential medicine skill, this product makes use of the high frequency vibration theory, adopts humanized streamlined design. It's suitable for driver of different types of car, giving physical therapy to each part of human body, stimulating each organ, promoting the blood circulation, strengthening immunity, eliminating the tire of driver on travel, strengthening driver's attention and having obvious promoting function on enhancing driving safety.

Standard parameter:
Rated voltage: DC12V Rated power:15W vol. :180X90X100mm
Wight:0.6 kg
Rated work hour:30 minute

Functions: Relax muscle and eliminate tire, comfort the main and collateral channels in body, burn fat and keep healthy.

Features: The installation inside this product can link directly to power supply in the car, It needs no other attach, but very smart to operate.

Usage part: Shoulder and neck, leg, waist and belly

Operation method:
1 connect to the electricity.
2 turn on the switch and choose different level, as you feel comfortable.
3 It's proper that each part to massages not exceed 5 minutes and 20-30 minutes each time to use.
4 turn off the switch after use, and then pull out power plug.